A Celebration of Hymns with Lynda Lindsay and Friends

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Lisbellaw Parish Church with Coolbuck presents “A Celebration of Hymns” with Lynda Lindsay and Friends A Gospel Singer for many years, Lisbellaw mother of four and proud granny of two, Lynda Lindsay is very well known in Fermanagh and across Northern Ireland. Gifted with a beautiful rich soprano voice, Lynda has sung at numerous concerts and taken part in hundreds of church services, meetings, weddings and funerals over more than twenty years. Lynda will be supported by very talented singers and musicians, including the William Kerr Memorial Pipe Band, from Lynda’s native County Tyrone. Because the concert will take place on November 12th, a reflection on the theme of Remembrance will be given by the Rector of Lisbellaw with Coolbuck, the Revd. William Jeffrey. Lynda’s chosen charity is Air Ambulance, Northern Ireland.
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