Belfast GIRLS – Live On Stage

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Belfast GIRLS the online sensation comes live to the stage! Written by and starring the creator of Belfast GIRLS - Michael Mulcahy!  

Featuring all the Belfast GIRLS favourite characters Big Bernie Greene, Michelle, Shankill Joe and Ma and introducing brand new characters. Packed with the songs from the Belfast GIRLS page this comedy play will have you dancing in the isles.  

Big Bernie is having a hard time with her new PIP assessment and when she goes for her appointment an old enemy is waiting to pick a fight with her. Meanwhile Michelle has a dream of going to Santa Ponas to get an all over tan but has to pull a few moves to win tickets. But Shankill Joe has plans for the Belfast GIRLS!!! Will Bernie get her money, will Michelle get her Santa Ponsa Dream or will Shankill Joe ruin the day. You’ll just have to come and see!!

Also starring the hilarious Christina Nelson and Jazzmin McClure  

HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT....... book your tickets today!

Booking information: Please note in the event of the main auditorium seating selling out, additional seats at the front may become available; these seats may restrict your view in Row A.

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