Castles In The Air

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“The specific incident around which some of the play is drawn, was inspired by the true story of Turf Lodge woman Rosaleen Nolan” Martin Lynch. A story of a family struggling with a life of poverty in a place of unemployment, poor housing, anti-social behaviour, drink, drugs and domestic abuse. Mary Fullerton has been deserted by her drunken husband, and lives in a maisonette, subsisting on Valium and Carlsberg Special. Her son Eddy is a joyrider, and only her daughter Pauline has the buoyancy to survive and save her family, but if she stays to do so she must abandon her own future. This is a Belfast of joy-riding, drug-taking, unemployment and brutality where a once-optimistic people are driven to despair. Martin Lynch is one of the most important dramatists to have emerged from the political and cultural ferment of the last forty years.

Contains strong language and adult references

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