Enniskillen Drama Festival 2024 – Gaslight

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The term “gaslighting” – psychological manipulation intended to make the victim question their sanity – has become embedded in our language. The term derives from this Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gaslight, which is itself fittingly deceptive. This is a powerful story of Bella Manningham, a young woman psychologically dominated by her husband Jack. While Jack is out on the town each evening, his wife stays at home alone believing she is losing her mind. She cannot explain the disappearance of familiar objects, the mysterious footsteps heard overhead nor the ghostly flickering of the living room gaslight. But then questions about her husband’s behaviour and true identity are aroused following the unexpected arrival of a police detective.

Season ticket for all 9 productions £60.00 and Special 4 Productions Ticket £30.00 available to purchase from the Box Office on 028 6632 5440.

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