Enniskillen Drama Festival 2024 – The Faith Healer

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DADS – The Faith Healer by Brian Friel (Confined) Drama

One of the masterpieces of Ireland's greatest living playwright, Faith Healer weaves together the stories of a travelling healer, his wife and his manager. From their different versions of the healer's performances and a terrible event at the centre of the drama, Friel creates a powerful and haunting work of art. Separated in time and space, three protagonists each look back over the many years they shared at close quarters. Frank Hardy (or ‘The Fantastic Francis Hardy – Faith Healer’ as the tattered banner behind him proclaims), his wife Grace and his manager Teddy hold shared memories and tight bonds, of the remote places they toured in their small van in the hopes of finding a willing, or believing, audience for Frank’s apparently miraculous healing. Even on the nights when they did draw a crowd, nothing was likely to happen. They retrace their journeys along winding country roads that would eventually lead them back to Ireland and a fateful night in Ballybeg. Their competing accounts of past events reveal the fragility of memory and the necessity of stories as a means of survival.

Please note a smoke machine will be used during this performance.

Season ticket for all 9 productions £60.00 and Special 4 Productions Ticket £30.00 available to purchase from the Box Office on 028 6632 5440.

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