Fermanagh Film Club presents Stolen

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Director: Margo Harkin

Cast: n/a (documentary)

Film info: 107 minutes, Ireland, 2023

Cert: 15A (Themes that some viewers may find distressing)

Margo Harkin’s devastating yet essential documentary explores the dark history of Ireland’s mother-and-baby homes, as well as the broader mistreatment of women and children in Catholic Ireland. It takes in the shocking secrets uncovered in Tuam by local historian Catherine Corless, while also expanding its scope to show the scale of the outrages that unfolded right across the island for decades. It also focuses on survivors’ ongoing battles for justice and accountability. Harkin speaks to journalists, artists, academics and more, but she crucially always returns to the people directly impacted by the mother-and-baby homes and the State-sanctioned system of forced adoptions. Stolen is ultimately a deeply moving testament to all those impacted by institutional cruelty in Ireland.

“★★★★[Harkin’s film] comes at the topic from several angles... but the emotional centre of the film remains, as it should be, with the survivors of institutional barbarism” - DonaldClarke, The Irish Times

“★★★★★It’s a difficult and frequently triggering watch, certainly, but Stolen is must-see viewing” - Declan Burke, Irish Examiner

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