Fortunes and Misfortunes

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Clanabogan Drama Circle Presents - Fortunes And Misfortunes

Daisy Fortune is a downtrodden yet hard-working woman, who is supporting an idle husband and a good-for-nothing son. She loses her job as a waitress in ‘The Cosy Corner’ after her son, Nathan’s pet lizard ‘Kylie’, gets loose in the premises. She manages to scheme her way intoa job as a housekeeper for Bill and Oonagh Delaney.

Oonagh has unrealistic aspirations of literary greatness and she is busy organizing a poetry workshop in her home. She has invited renowned and eccentric poet, Aubrey Peacock to attend. Meanwhile, there is tension in the Delaneys’ marriage as a result of Bill’s flirting with Wanda Hunt, the mother of one of his pupils. However, between unwanted lavender, laced punch and an escaped lizard, the workshop turns into a complete disaster and the tension between Oonagh and Wanda finally explodes.

Categories: #Drama

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