Green and Blue

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Written by Laurence McKeown and Directed by Paula McFetridge

The award-winning Green & Blue explores the painful and humorous realities faced by the individuals who patrolled the border during the height of the conflict.

An officer from the Royal Ulster Constabulary in his green uniform and Eddie from An Garda Síochána, resplendent in blue, communicate via crackly radios until an explosive incident forces them to meet across a field only farmers know the location of.

Focusing on what it’s like to be hunted when you’re protecting a man-made line on the ground, the play looks at the societal and human cost of borders.

‘Green & Blue’ is based on real-life interviews with former serving officers.

Winner of The Lustrum Award for Best Theatrical Moment at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe

Strong language, suitable for 14+ years

Categories: #Drama

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