In The Name Of The Son

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In the Name of the Son is a powerful new play chronicling the extraordinary life of The Guildford Four’s Gerry Conlon following his release from prison in 1989. The play charts Conlon’s remarkable journey into ‘freedom’ as he received and spent over one million pounds, became a cause-celebre at the Hollywood Oscars and ran in the same circles as Johnny Depp, Shane McGowan and Daniel Day-Lewis. Conlon seemed to have it all but away from the glamour, fuelled by an addiction to cocaine, his life was spiralling out of control. Plagued with the guilt of believing he was responsible for the death of his father, Guiseppe in prison, Conlon struggled with powerful self-loathing. When he found himself searching bins in the backstreets of London for food, he knew he had to do something. What emerges from the darkness is Conlon’s resilience and his eventual life-changing recovery to beat his demons and become a world-renowned Human Rights campaigner against miscarriages of justice, similar to his own. Written by Gerry’s lifelong friend Richard O’Rawe and Martin Lynch the play explores triumph of the human spirit over extreme adversity.

Warning: Recommended for age 16+ years as performance contains strong language and adult themes

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