Last Prime Minister of Ireland

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Following on from its success with The First Protestant, Splódar Theatre Company, Leitrim brings another fantastic new play to the stage! Tension and comedy coalesce in equal measure in this

gripping historical psychological drama. A true story of conflict, love, betrayal and redemption emerge when Lloyd George is confronted by his daughter on the morning of his wife’s funeral in January 1941

about his past political and personal behaviour. His dealings with Ireland feature in particular where he stands accused of deceiving both the unionist and nationalist communities, where he employed oppression and coercion instead of

negotiation. But it is the betrayal of his family and his native Wales that torture the central protagonist most as he interacts with a host of characters. Moments of tragedy meet the counterpoint of comedy as the eccentric

Megan (Lloyd Georges’s daughter) interacts with the mundane Philip Noel Baker (founder of the United Nations) Audiences will find relief in the inebriated and lazy Cledwyn who, in the last moments of the play, accidentally solves a great

mystery that has baffled all throughout the action of the drama. While the maternal Lallie,housekeeper and confidant attempts to bring peace to the tortured souls in the family milieu.

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