Purgatorio: Walking For Waiting For Godot

Tickets available
Tickets available

IN ‘WAITING FOR GODOT’ it is usually the characters of the play, Vladimir and Estragon who do the walking and suffer sore feet for their troubles but in this unique site-specific Godot it is the audience who walk, through the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geo-park (the first transnational geopark in the world), through the existential Beckettian landscape, to gather at the Irish border around Antony Gormley’s Tree for Waiting for Godot (specially installed for the occasion) for a rehearsed reading of the play.

This is participatory, experiential drama at its most extreme and on the last Happy Days before Brexit the festival is culturally occupying the border with a quintessentially Irish play that nonetheless has universal appeal, whose themes could not be more relevant to our times - themesof waiting, of the sense of the days repeating themselves, of despair, of pathos, of homelessness, but all of this lifted by the hopefulness of great art.

The meeting point for departure for this event for all audience members is 8am Enniskillen Castles Museum August 18 & 19 to board a bus and be taken to the walking point location

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