Push Up

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Roland Schimmelpfennig's startling play is a savage satire on the rapacious nature of office lives and lusts. With sharp dialogue, humour and satire, it marked the British debut from a writer whose work has enthralled audiences and critics in theatres all over Germany. It begins and ends with soliloquies from the security-staff. In between, we get three deskbound duologues in which people jockey for status while revealing their essential solitude. Each dialogue is between a senior, experienced worker and a more junior aspirant to their position.

As the playwright explains through one of his characters, he is looking at situations where people "are in the same room but see completely different things".

First, the woman who owns the corporation displays her jealous, panicky fear of a younger rival. Then, two 30-somethings, who've had a brief office liaison, ferociously argue the toss over a new ad-campaign. And finally, an ageing widower and a pushy junior fence nervously with each other to see who is going to get the coveted Delhi job. The tension between them is partly a result of age or gender differences and also related to the competition between people who are too much alike.

Contains strong language and adult references

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