Sidewalk Boogie

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Sidewalk Boogie perform classic Chicago blues, rhythm and blues and sometimes blend the blues with related genres such as jazz, rock, ska and New Orleans funk to great effect.

Formed in Fermanagh in 2009 Ronan McManus, vocals and bass; joined Des Campbell, drums; Cris Gill, guitar the band now includes Maurice Collins, guitar and vocals.

Ronan, Des and Maurice have all performed locally (and beyond) for several decades with a rich diversity of genres; Cris Gill now resides in County Fermanagh after many years in London performing with a range of artists including The Selecter and the legendary Blues musician John Mayall and most recently with Ben Waters and Mick Taylor.

The band headlined the hugely popular ‘Fermanagh Blues Club’ events which were organised by the late Edward Beattie, featuring some of the best of Fermanagh blues music at many memorable gatherings.

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