The Cavan Curse

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The Knocks Drama Group: The Cavan Curse by John McManus

All Ireland football Final Sunday, 2020. Cavan vs Dublin. Former Cavan footballer, and 1952 All Ireland winner, Rua Smith, is watching the match on television from his blacksmith's forge in Templeport. His grandson is playing wing-forward in Croke Park, being marked by Jack McCafferty. His grandson's wife, Sarah, calls around to the forge in order to help Rua commit suicide with a syringe of Nembutal she has purchased off the dark net. After all, Cavan can't win if Rua is still alive since he's the last surviving member of the 1952 team, a team which was cursed by an old woman on the top of Ireland’s Holy Mountain, a curse which states that Cavan will never win another All Ireland until everyone who played in '52 is dead. Rua knows that with him being dead there will be nothing standing in the way of his beloved Cavan capturing Sam Maguire, apart from the six-in-a-row chasing Dubs, probably the best football team of all time.

Season ticket for all 9 productions £45.00 and Special 4 Productions Ticket £20.00 available to purchase from the Box Office on 028 6632 5440.

Please note: This play contains strong language.

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