WILDETALK: Claire Pollard

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In conversation with Sheena Wilkinson, Clare Pollard discusses her new book, Fierce Bad Rabbits: The Tales Behind Children’s Books, in which she takes us on an eye-opening journey through the history of picture books. From Edward Lear through to Beatrix Potter and contemporary picture books like Stick Man, shining a light on some of our best-loved childhood stories, their histories and what they really mean. Clare Pollard is a poet, playwright and translator. Her first collection of poetry, The Heavy-Petting Zoo was written whilst she was still at school and received an Eric Gregory Award. She is the author of five collections in total including her latest, Incarnation, in 2017, and she has also translated Ovid’s Heroines which she toured as a one-woman show. She is the editor of the Modern Poetry in Translation magazine.

When I read Fierce Bad Rabbits, I thought, why has no one written this book before? But Clare Pollard has done so superbly - it is perceptive, illuminating, scholarly but at the same time entertaining. It should be essential reading for every thinking parent . Penelope Lively

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