Brightstarz Does Brooklyn

Tickets available
Tickets available

BrightStarz Does Brooklyn

(The Luck of Love)

The Fermanagh BrightStarz invite you along to their newly written and created show BrightStarz does Brooklyn. This is an age-old story of leaving home, finding love and then finding that there’s no place like home again. Follow young Eileen Mc Manus as she journeys far from home across the sea to America where she finds love in the wonderful Harry (or the Yank! as the locals at home refer to him). Follow their journey back home where Eileen meets up again with her first love Jack. The road to true love is never easy whether on the streets of New York or the small roads of Fermanagh. But no one does a wedding like the Irish do a wedding and love hangs in the balance as we say ‘Come on Eileen’ whose it to be Harry or Jack? Settle in for a spectacular evening filled with great music, dancing, comedy, laughter and most importantly love as our BrightStarz do Brooklyn!

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