Music In Fermanagh Presents Two Superb Guitarists

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On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 8 pm guitar virtuosos Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas and Eduardo Martín, renowned for their unmatched, empathetic performances, showcase the rhythmic intricacies and melodic richness of Caribbean music and the classical Spanish guitar.

At the heart of their Ardhowen debut lie Suite Antillas and Suite Habana, the captivating works for two guitars by Grammy-nominated composer Martín himself. The programme merges classical styles with rock, son montunos, Yoruba chants, rumbas, boleros, and cinematic pieces. Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas, will wow you with his spectacular technique while Eduardo Martín, the internationally acclaimed composer and performer will thrill you with his melodies, harmonies and rhythms!

The evening is presented by Music in Fermanagh, a registered charity, with support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Fermanagh/Omagh District Council.

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